Hello and welcome!

I’m so glad you could join me. I’m your Blog host, Adam Bourg. I’m typing this in a deep announcer voice. The topic of this blog is life hacks to refactor your software development career.

I never had a mentor in my career, I’ve basically fumbled around, read a few really great books but overall I’ve lacked the focus and clarity an experienced mentor can provide.

I’m offering my decade plus of development experience to any who wish to listen, complain and otherwise be entertained by my ramblings. I’ve coached many junior developers right out of training camps and presently I’m a team lead building awesome stuff in the internet industry space…

Our mission at Pro Dev Mentor is to challenge software engineers to become effective leaders in their organizations. We do this by exploring technical and non-technical topics from a leadership perspective.

This blog is for you if want to:

  • Level up your career
  • Grow and develop better habits
  • Learn new skills and techniques to maximize pay, experience and responsibility
  • Increase your marketability
  • Articulate yourself better to colleagues and managers
  • Build secure, testable performant code in any platform

When not working, I like to ski, pet my dog, cook, box at my local gym and workout. My favorite activity of all is hanging out with my wife everyday and night. You’ll often find me in Denver drinking way too much coffee, being far too excited about silly things and being a “chatty elephant” as my friend Mark K. would say.

This blog is hosted on Google Cloud Storage (see this post about that) and built with the robust DOS safe (hopefully) static engine service; Jekyll. If you want to say hello, complain or mail me coffee products, please drop a line below.